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Log Kits America and USA were established to fill the need for having a North American Based Distributor formed as we realised that there was a need for a North American Distribution Centre affording local knowledge, informed marketing and localised custom support.

This is the cost effective solution for building structures and homes in times of ever increasing prices.

Our European factory has state of the art equipment, methodologies and a highly skilled labor with many years of experience and invaluable knowledge ensuring that the products produced are at the highest standard and best possible pricing.



Our Benefits

Log kits America offers a variety of log home building kits that make the process of constructing a beautiful log cabin easier than ever before. With these kits, you can build your dream home in no time at all and enjoy all the benefits of living in a custom-made log cabin. From energy efficiency to increased durability and longevity, there are numerous advantages to using log kit homes. Not only will they save you money on materials over traditional construction methods, but they also allow for quick installation and easy customization. Plus, with Log Kits America's superior quality products, you can rest assured that your new home will stand up to any weather conditions it may encounter over its lifetime. Whether you're looking for an affordable way to build a rustic retreat or an efficient way to build something unique and special - Log Kits America has the perfect solution for you!

Log cabins and log houses are a timeless classic that evoke feelings of nostalgia and homey comfort. With Log Kits America, you can take these traditional log homes to the next level. Whether you�re looking for a cozy log cabin tucked away in the woods or a spacious log house to entertain family and friends, Log Kits America has everything you need to create your dream log home.

From custom dimensions and flexible interior designs, to high quality materials and efficient construction techniques, Log Kits America is the leading source for log home kits in North America. All log kit packages come with pre-cut or milled logs and building components, as well as detailed instructions for easy assembly. And with additional log home plans available from Log Kits America, you can customize your log cabin or log house even further.

When it comes to creating the perfect log home, look no further than Log Kits America. With their top-notch log kits and experienced craftsmanship, you�ll be able to experience the beauty of a custom log house without sacrificing quality or precision. So start planning your dream log home today�trust Log Kits America to make it a reality!

Log cabins and log houses have a unique charm and style that dates back to the 1700s. Log Kits America offers log homes that are built with superior craftsmanship and quality, ensuring a sturdy log home that will last for generations. All log kits come with precut, kiln-dried logs that have been treated to resist rotting, infestations, and environmental damage. Our log homes are designed to combine strength, durability and beauty into a rustic log cabin design that has stood the test of time. Choose from several floor plans or customize your own log home to create something truly unique for your family to enjoy for years to come. With Log Kits America, you can experience the rustic charm of a log cabin without sacrificing modern amenities such as energy efficiency and insulation. From classic log cabins to more complex log houses, we provide solutions for all tastes and budgets so you can enjoy the natural beauty of wood textures in your home.

Log Kits America offers log house and log cabin kits that are the perfect way to create a rustic home or refuge. Our log houses and log cabins come with all components pre-cut to make construction straightforward, efficient, and stress-free. With our sturdy log structures you will have peace of mind knowing that all log cabin components are provided in one convenient kit. Our log cabin kits feature high quality spruce logs for superior strength and durability, along with full-length corner log posts for added stability. Furthermore, Log Kits America ensures that each log house and log cabin is designed to meet building codes in any Canadian province or territory. With our commitment to excellence, we back every log structure purchase with a warranty. So whether you�re looking for a cozy getaway nestled in the woods or a modern log home for your family, Log Kits America has you covered!

Log Kits America log cabins and log houses are designed to save you time during the construction process. Unlike traditional log house building techniques, our log cabin kits reduce unnecessary work as all logs are precision cut for a perfect fit. With detailed instructions included in the log cabin kit, you�ll be able to easily assemble the log home with minimal effort. Additionally, all log components � like doors, windows, shingles, fascia boards and more � are included in one convenient package to make the process even easier. Our experienced staff is always available to answer any questions throughout your log home building journey. Log Kits America helps make log house building quick, easy and stress-free! hesitate � get your log cabin or log house today!

Log home construction does not have to be expensive and can be achieved without sacrificing quality. Log Kits America offers log packages for log homes, log cabins, log garages and log additions that are affordable and made from high-quality materials. Our log packages include all of the essential components necessary for successful log home construction such as pre-cut

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Bespoke Custom Homes

Our architects have designed an arrangement of houses from which everyone can choose the one to their liking. Our log houses can be used as cottages or weekend retreats, camping, or residential homes.

If you cannot find a suitable house from our catalogue, we can gladly design a house according to Your wishes. These houses are designed individually with the dimensions that you require, with one or more rooms, with or without a terrace, single or two levels...whatever you can think of! For the home of your dreams, we use square logs with a thickness of 44 and 70mm and laminated logs of 88, 114, 134, 165, and 202 mm. Our experts help you put your ideas into practice with us.